Flowpack Feeding Systems


➤ Transverse unloading of product rows through a product layer and continuous feeding into a packaging machine Depending on the design of the station, limited storage of products may be possible; this makes it easy to keep the packaging machine running continuously.
➤ Items that cannot be included are routed to the next station, an overflow belt, or feedback system.
➤ Stations can be “direct” or “indirect”.
➤ Direct: Products are transferred directly to the transverse discharge belt. The row is then guided via the lateral band to the packing line. These stations can optionally be equipped with additional transverse discharge belts for storage purposes; The rows are collected by a routing and routed directly to the packing line.
➤ Indirect: The product line is first transferred to a sheet tape; sheet tape; It transfers the rows to the transverse discharge belt as soon as the previous row is emptied.
➤ Hygienic design: All functions such as transverse discharge belts, storage belts or sheet belts are on the main belts and therefore optimum access is provided to allow cleaning after any dirt is detected.
➤ Easy retraction of the sheet belt and transverse discharge belt, ie ejeckt, thanks to optimum accessibility for maintenance and cleaning.

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