Secondary Packaging Machine end of The Line Solutions


• These systems, located behind the packaging machines, are used to repackage the bulk packed products. It is formed by the combination of many units or mechanisms such as Robots, Camera systems, Transmission Systems, Double train system for special tasks,
• Equipped with robots with specially made kempasan design depending on the product and packaging task. These systems are designed to be extremely flexible and can be quickly modified to meet requirements.
• System content in general; It is redesigned according to the shape of the cartoning form and made special for your product,
• It can be designed with automatic box opening or manual box feeding related to boxing,
• When a separator between products (between floors) is required, this functionality is also possible in our boxing machine,
• Carries out the boxing process of the products coming out of the Flowpack packaging machine or the vertical filling machine in different positions (vertical, horizontal)

You can download our catalog as PDF.