Curve Conveyors


➤ System design that can be created for a band width between 200 mm and 2500 mm related to the safe transportation of food and non-food products,
➤ Conveyor angle can be designed between 30° and 270°,
➤ Angles of band bends can be adapted to customer requirements. Reliable transport of even very small products via belt edges with diameter 10 or 14 mm guide rollers,
➤ Production of stainless steel or electrostatic painted chassis depending on hygiene requirements,
➤ Conveyor belt type is determined according to your product specification and personal needs,
➤ Chain requires little maintenance with only minimum wear, automatic lubrication and tensioning system can be added as system design.
➤ High hygiene standard thanks to the downward open design,
➤ Cylindrical and small end rollers for optimum product transfer between belt components,
➤ Thanks to our special designs; seamless integration into your line, easy band replacement without removing subframe components,

You can download our catalog as PDF.